New Single "Nothing Makes Sense" Out Today!

Dang, my music finally hit 500,000 total listens on Soundcloud. :O My music's been listened to over half a million times all together. That's really amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to my music and especially thank you to those who have stuck around so long. 

As a token of my appreciation I decided to release a new song called “Nothing Makes Sense” (ironic dropping such a melancholy song for such a joyous occasion).

It’s available on all streaming services and for download on Bandcamp as well.

ehiorobo & omniboi's 1 Slash Million Remix Ep and Pairanormal OST Vol. 1!

You know what's REALLY cool? Finishing and publishing musical contributions for your RAD ass friends and their really cool projects.

It's been quite a low-key yet productive year! I've been making moves in the shadows like I do best. Now I am happy to come public with some of said moves.

Okay, so you already know this BUT, I have been making music for the mystery detective/dating sim/visual novel Pairanormal! It's a great project that I'm honored to have been selected for. Our first little collection of songs are now available on Bandcamp!
OST Vol. 1 Link:

Game download, info & more:

Another cool development is the release of Ehiorobo and Omniboi's 1 Slash Million Remix EP. A little while back Ehiorobo and Omniboi dropped an awesome song, 1 Slash Million, and then Ehi hit me and many talented folk to freak a remix for em. 
You can get it here:


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New Apparel! Woo!

Hi everyone! Merch update! I've decided to use Threadless and my apparel distributor for the time being! It allows me to generate as many designs as I'd like, while always having them in stock in any size and various colors! At shows the options may be limited but for I think this is exciting.

I've rolled out some new shirts, hoodies, and sweaters with the text design from the I Don't Lose audio video! I think it looks pretty sweet.